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Lady M and Baccarat Joined Forces to Create the World’s First Luxury Cake Truck—and We Got the First Bite

Cake, crystal, champagne... What else do you need?

The Lady M Cake Boutique and Baccarat Cake Truck Samantha Nandez/BFA.com

Extravagant multi-layered cakes, delicate chandeliers and sparkling champagne flutes—it sounds like a scene from Marie Antoinette’s dreams. Fortunately, it’s a reality that’s set to roll into your life—literally. The beloved Lady M Cake Boutique has partnered with renowned French crystal manufacturer Baccarat to launch the world’s first luxury cake truck—and we scored a sneak peek of the mobile confection.

The 28-foot multi-functional cake truck is itself a feast for the eyes: The exterior features three transfixing Baccarat chandeliers—which collectively cost in excess of $40,000—and four elegant crystal light fixtures that work to illuminate the truck. The detailed designs of 3-D artist Kurt Wenner cover the truck’s façade and his interactive illusions—clusters of wisteria and an almost biblical dining scene—offer a far more ornate take on the average taco truck.

“Placing my art on a food truck is a first for me…I’m so excited about this project as the illusions I have created will be partnered with elegant chandeliers and the world’s finest cakes. The marriage of all three will shift the perception of what is reality,” Wenner said is a press release.


Courtesy of Baccarat/Lady M

But enough about aesthetics, let’s talk cake. Lady M Cake Boutique is widely considered to be the originator of Mille Crêpes—a cake composed of 20 intricate layers of handmade crêpes and cream—and, trust us, it’s as sumptuous as it sounds. The texture is truly singular—at once airy and dense—and best of all, it comes in a myriad of flavors: vanilla, earl grey, green tea, strawberry, coconut, salted caramel and, our favorite, chocolate.

The other petit fours—passionfruit eclairs, green tea profiteroles, very berry tarts, and decadent raspberry chocolate bars—were also très bien. But the highlight of the evening was the white chocolate and hibiscus cake—fiery crimson in color, the cake had a creamy mouse-like texture that was punctuated with chunks of crisp almond, and the tart flavor of the hibiscus flower played against the rich white chocolate superbly. Trays of the ruby beauties disappeared as quickly as they came.


Lady M Cake Boutique and Baccarat Cake Truck

Inside the Baccarat store at the launch of the cake truck  Samantha Nandez/BFA.com

And it seems two forces behind the cake truck work together as well as those delicate crêpes and that clotted cream. The duo began working together 15 years ago, when Ken Romaniszyn, CEO of Lady M, wanted to elevate the cake-eating experience and subsequently installed Baccarat chandeliers in his boutiques. Now, the president and CEO of Baccarat North America, Jim Shreve—who is nothing like your average CEO, with tattoos covering his forearms and a decidedly informal attitude—says the relationship has progressed to “more than dating.”

Ken Romaniszyn and Jim Shreve on the Lady M Cake Boutique and Baccarat Cake Truck

Ken Romaniszyn and Jim Shreve  Samantha Nandez/BFA.com

So, how do you get a slice?

The cake truck arrived at the Baccarat Boutique on Madison Avenue last night all the way from Toronto. (In fact, it was the first time both CEOs had seen their creation in person.) It will now travel across the country, with plans to start serving in Northern California this August. During the day, customers can pick up pre-ordered cakes—while in the evening, the truck will be set for outdoor dining. Guests can enjoy all the Lady M favorites, as well as a bespoke cake made especially for this collaboration, which is yet to be announced (we’re hoping all this secrecy results in a sweet pay off). And to add even more panache, the famed French treats will be served on Baccarat Arabesque dessert plates—along with a variety of hot and cold beverages in matching crystal tumblers. “Everything tastes better on Baccarat,” says Shreve, and we tend to agree. Marie Antoinette would most definitely approve.

You can track the cake truck’s journey throughout California live on the Lady M website where the exact tour dates will also be announced.

Enjoy some more drool-worthy pics below:

Lady M + Baccarat Unveil: The First Luxury Cake Truck

Samantha Nandez/BFA.com

Lady M + Baccarat Unveil: The First Luxury Cake Truck

Samantha Nandez/BFA.com

Lady M + Baccarat Unveil: The First Luxury Cake Truck

Samantha Nandez/BFA.com

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