Leaders of Luxury: Wolfgang Puck on Marrying Innovation and Tradition [Video]

The iconic chef explains the balance of environment, hospitality, and food.

Brought to you by ILTM and Robb Report, the Leaders of Luxury web series explores the future of luxury through the eyes of those who are determining it—the visionaries behind the world’s premier brands. In this episode, we sit down with legendary chef Wolfgang Puck. The Austrian-born restaurateur, who practically invented the concept of the celebrity chef while leading his flagship restaurant, Spago, has spread his fine-dining empire worldwide, from Los Angeles to London to Singapore.

Along the way, the affable chef not only ran successful businesses, but also created iconic dishes like his smoked-salmon pizza. And his staying power has been extraordinary. Even decades after it opened, Spago remains a vital part of Los Angeles’ restaurant scene and his end-of-summer barbecue at the Hotel Bel Air remains an event that chefs from all over the world want to cook with him at.


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