This May Be the World’s Most Exclusive New Restaurant

On an island in a lake, the dining destination serves a different seven-course menu to each guest…

Although only officially open since August 24, Mesa1 at the new W Punta de Mita in Punta de Mita, Mexico, has already whetted the appetite and stirred the imagination of epicures everywhere. But that is to be expected from one of the most exclusive restaurants around.

The gastronomic getaway is located on an islet at the center of the retreat’s small lake. To access the magnificent venue, patrons must promenade across a series of stepping-stones that vanish under the surface of the water once all are across. The culinary castaways then take their places around a 16-seat outdoor table carved from the immense trunk of an indigenous Parota tree. For the memorable meal, a team of private chefs tailor a seven-course tasting menu unique to each guest and prepare it in front of them without any duplication of dishes amongst the rest of the party. The fact that there is just one seating per day only adds to the singular nature of the supper.

Along with Mesa1, W Punta de Mita complements its 119 guest villas and Away Spa with three other destinations for refined repast: Cheviceria for light seafood fare; Venazu for Mexican specialties; and Spice Market, with its pan-Asian-inspired menu by chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten. However, despite such elegant dining options, the dress code remains casual.


The restaurant has not yet been photographed, so the above rendering is the only available image. Stay tuned to RobbReport.com for updated photos of this exclusive culinary retreat. (wpuntademita.com)

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