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What Your Valentine Really Wants Is This Over-the-Top $1,000 Dessert

There’s a surprise inside that chocolate sphere.

The people behind Beauty & Essex know indulgence. The same company that has brought us this restaurant in addition to Tao Asian Bistro, Stanton Social, and that opulent, members-only luxury suite at Madison Square Garden (that will set you back as much as $400,000 to join), has created an extravagant special for this Valentine’s Day. Diners at the New York, Las Vegas, or Los Angeles location will get a $1,000, over-the-top dessert from chef Chris Santos.

For a cool grand, each couple (or maybe just you alone, we’re not here to judge) will be served a bottle of Veuve Clicquot Rosé Champagne alongside three trays, each stocked with sweet treats. One will contain a jewel box filled with doughnuts accompanied by caramel, chocolate, and berry dipping sauces. The next treat will be a box filled with heart-shaped chocolates.

The final tray contains the real star of the show. No, not the two espresso macchiatos, though that’s a nice-to-have. What you really want is the chocolate sphere. Take your spoon and smash it and out will fly candy painted to look like pearls and buried in the middle will be a .10-carat diamond.

The inspiration for the dessert connects to the history of Beauty & Essex. When it opened in 2011 on New York’s Lower East Side (back when many great bars were speakeasies), the owners designed a unique feature in the front. Patrons entered through a faux pawn shop stocked with a curated collection of art, guitars, and vintage jewelry (all for sale). The dessert was created with the pawn shop in mind and in conjunction with the store’s staff to curate the diamonds that will be enclosed in the chocolate spheres on February 14.

And there are, at most, 18 of these delicacies. Because Beauty & Essex has to source diamonds for this dessert, it will offer just six for each location across the country. Those interested in making sure they get one of these opulent desserts can call their closest Beauty & Essex ahead of time and reserve theirs.


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