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Wagyu Wonderland: Inside the NYC Restaurant Where the World’s Finest Beef Stars in Every Dish

Nikutei Futago is all about Japanese A5 Wagyu.

Beef tongue with Wagyu fat Nikutei Futago

Japanese Wagyu enthusiasts have something to look forward to this season.

The upscale New York City restaurant Nikutei Futago has debuted two new, extremely luxe tasting menus highlighting A5 Wagyu, the best of the best when it comes to beef. Both menus are offering an experience focused on the quality, preparation and taste of the meat, with the “cheaper” option coming in at $280 and the more luxe one going for $360. Along with the Wagyu, you’ll enjoy hand-crafted sauces and Japanese small plates, all made with locally sourced ingredients.

Reiman with Morioka noodles and yuzu broth
Reiman with Morioka noodles and yuzu broth Nikutei Futago

If you’re balling out on the $360 menu, most of your 12 courses will be prepared at the table by Nikutei Futago’s highly trained staff. That’ll include dishes like the Niku Sushi (A5 Miyazaki Wagyu Sirloin, aka-shari rice, Ossetra caviar) and Chateaubriand (A5 Hida Wagyu, nikushio, wasabi, tsukedare). While most of the bites feature the famed Japanese beef in some capacity, there are a few non-meat dishes that will help refresh your palate. Reiman comes with Morioka noodles and yuzu broth, while Donabe Rice is served with grilled eel.

The slightly less expensive tasting menu is the perfect option for diners looking to connect more with their guests, as it eliminates much of the tableside preparation and instead offers dishes brought out from the kitchen. The meal contains a few dishes also found on the other menu, such as Dashidare Yaki (A5 Miyazaki Wagyu Sirloin, red rice vinegar, bonito broth, Japanese Negi leeks) and Washu-gyu Tongue. But it mainly brings forth its own delights, like Filet Mignon (A5 Hida Wagyu, nikushio, wasabi, tsukedare) and 10-Second Sirloin (A5 Miyazaki Wagyu Sirloin, Jidori egg yolk).

Shaved ice
Shaved ice Nikutei Fugato

For dessert, both menus are finished off with Kanmi, shaved milk ice with seasonal fruit. And a sake pairing can be added to either option for $130.

With the tasting menu lasting between two and a half and three hours, it’s a leisurely experience meant for those who have a true appreciation of Wagyu—or for those hoping to learn a bit more about the highest-quality meat. Nikutei Futago’s intimate, zen-like space seems like a great place to get that education.

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