The 5 Most Anticipated Food Events in October

The festivals, pop-ups, and tastings worth attending this month.

René Redzepi at Noma Photo: courtesy City Foodsters/Flickr Creative Commons

Every month, the culinary world is host to pop-up dinners that bring together great chefs, food festivals that allow you to indulge all day, and guest lectures that feed the mind. But there are so many out that it’s hard to know which ones to attend. So we’ve combed the calendar to find you the best food events to attend in October.

René Redzepi’s American Adventure
For 11 days in October, Redzepi and David Zilber, the head of Noma’s fermentation lab, will traverse the U.S. and Canada discussing one of the iconic restaurant’s building blocks: fermentation. “Without fermentation, there is no Noma,” Redzepi and Zilber write in their upcoming book. What started as the desire to have more ingredients to use in his cooking became an obsession for Redzepi. Eventually, he would build a team that would just experiment with fermenting fruits, making vinegars, developing misos, and more. In the Noma Guide to Fermentation, they reveal their findings. Tickets to their nine tour dates are now available.

dominique ansel pie night

All-you-can-eat pie. Yes.  Photo: courtesy 189 by Dominique Ansel

Dominque Ansel’s Pie Night
At the acclaimed pastry chef’s New York and Los Angeles outposts, Ansel offers tickets to an event where you eat all the pie you want. The New York event runs into October (but that sold out in two minutes) and the first edition of the LA Pie Night will take place on October 17, 18, 24, and 25. One ticket gets you 90 minutes of unlimited slices of the 10 sweet and savory pies featured, vanilla ice cream to make it a la mode, and bourbon apple cider to cleanse the palate between pie. Tickets are already on sale and going fast.

Caviar Dinner with Alex Atala
All month long, Hudson’s is hosting a guest dinner series where you get to float around Manhattan on a caviar-filled dinner cruise with a different chef taking the helm each time (helm of the kitchen, not the ship, thankfully). The series kicks off with 19-year-old wunderkind Flynn McGarry, who owns and operates his tasting menu restaurant Gem on New York’s Lower East Side. The following week, world-renowned Brazilian chef Alex Atala will arrive from Sao Paulo to cook for those aboard. And the series concludes on October 28 when James Beard Award -winner Zakary Pelaccio heads down from Hudson to serve some fish roe. Tickets are still available for each date.


New York City Wine and Food
For a glorious four days in October some of the culinary world’s leading lights descend upon the Big Apple for non-stop food events. Among the many you’d want to hit up, There’s cooking demonstrations by Stephanie Izard, dinner by Daniel Boulud, a late night dessert binge hosted by Milk Bar’s Christina Tosi, and much much more.

matheson surf turf

Surf and turf by Matty.  Photo: courtesy Quentin Bacon

Matty Matheson Cookbook Tour
The host of Viceland’s cooking show It’s Suppertime lives life to the fullest. At one point, too full, he’ll admit, having heart attack at just 29 years old. Now Matheson is clean and sober, but still passionate about food. In his new cookbook the charismatic chef tells the story of growing up in Eastern Canada, then cooking at restaurants in Toronto. He’s taking the book on the road to Ace Hotels across the country making stops in New York, New Orleans, LA, Chicago (as well as a non-Ace stop in Austin) serving prime rib, lobster, an Italian feast, and more.

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