Paramount Caviar Offers Prized Persian Osetra

The most luxurious caviar, “Persian Osetra” (Acipenser Persiscus), has been prized by royals and caviar enthusiast due to its roe, a beautiful large pearl, the golden color of the roe and the indescribable, unique taste, all of which make it one of the most exclusive delicacies ever. While still a prized caviar, this sturgeon is critically endangered and is now being raised in a state-of-the-art, eco-friendly aqua farms in Italy with utter respect for the preservation of the species.  Paramount Caviar is proud to offer connoisseurs this limited reserved edition of phenomenal caviar. 

Paramount is proud to be the only importer to carry this highly coveted caviar in the USA. It is available for a limited time only for $395.00 per ounce.



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