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Meet the Primo Ager, the New Appliance That Lets You Dry-Age Steak at Home

Now you can enjoy restaurant-quality steak dinners at home.

Primo Ager Courtesy of Primo Ager

Some things just taste better at restaurants, and steak is usually at the top of that list. Now, a promising new appliance could help you achieve the flavor of restaurant-quality beef in your own kitchen using the process of dry-aging.

Primo Ager is a fully automated and self-regulated fridge specifically designed to dry-age the best cuts of beef. The interior is outfitted with a high-powered airflow system that circulates around every steak, drawing out moisture to concentrate flavor. A large-capacity compressor, jet booster and condenser work in concert to ensure all the meat within gets the proper oxygen exposure. It even has a special light which emits invisible UV-C rays to naturally kill any undesired pathogens that might begin growing.

If that sounds like a lot of tech for a few hunks of beef, it is. So why go through all the trouble? What exactly is dry-aging and why is it so prized?

“An unsexy way to explain it is that dry-aging, in a nutshell, is a controlled decay process,” butcher Katie Flannery told Robb Report last year. “You’re exposing the subprimals to oxygen, which allows natural enzymes within the meat work,” she says. “They’re aerobic bacteria, so they need oxygen to survive. They come alive and start breaking down the molecular bonds of meat.” This process is what imparts the rich nutty notes and buttery texture.

And Primo Ager takes maximum advantage of every inch of space to satisfy even the biggest carnivores. Though it only occupies three square feet of floor space, it can house a whopping 100 pounds of meat without sacrificing the air flow around each piece. And because it monitors every function 24/7, the appliance nimbly adjusts the humidity level, light and temperature all on its own. An app that comes with the Primo Ager alerts you when a given cut is primed and ready to cook, eliminating any guesswork.


But how about those who aren’t inclined to enjoy quite so many ribeyes? All of the same features that make it such a superb meat locker translate beautifully to both cheese and even wine varietals.

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