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This Steak Package Lets You Experience the Best of Japanese A5 and American Wagyu

Some of the world finest beef delivered right to your door.

Holy Grail Steak Co. wagyu strip Photo: courtesy Holy Grail Steak Co.

At Robb Report we scour the globe in search of the finest products and experiences, from watches to cars to restaurants. In Holy Grail Steak Co., we found a company similarly obsessed with sourcing the world’s best beef. When it comes to steak, that means Wagyu.

Yet not all Wagyu is created equal: Robb Report and Holy Grail have worked together to curate a collection of beef that highlights the ultra-rich A5 from Japan and the beautifully marbled American cuts, so you can enjoy the ultimate Wagyu experience at home. Inside the package there are three strip steaks from different regions of Japan and three different cuts of the American Wagyu so you can compare and contrast the very best of both worlds.

The difference between Japanese and American Wagyu isn’t a matter of semantics. Yes, both are called Wagyu, but that simply means “Japanese cow.” In flavor, texture and appearance the two are quite distinctive.

Purebred Wagyu cattle in Japan have a genetic predisposition to store fat inside their muscle tissue, which is what causes the beef’s trademark intense marbling. And in that fat is umami-rich oleic acid, meaning that this Japanese beef has a different mouthfeel and flavor than American steak.

Of course, that’s not to say one is better or worse. The America Wagyu that Holy Grail sources is a crossbreed of Japanese Tajima cattle and American Black Angus. So there is great marbling but not the same amount as Japanese A5. Instead, you get a firmer texture and beefier, iron-rich flavor in the steak. You can eat the American Wagyu more like you would your typical Black Angus USDA Prime—a hearty cut that can be cooked on cast iron or grilled over the coals. And with high-quality American Wagyu, you’ll get more umami-rich fat for a more tender steak than a typical American cow.

Robb Report and Holy Grail’s Ultimate Wagyu Experience includes:


  • 14 oz. A5 Kobe Strip (Japan): The deep umami is the gold standard of Wagyu
  • 14 oz. A5 MiyazakiGyu Strip (Japan): Floral with notes of olive oil and coconut
  • 14 oz. A5 Hokkaido Strip (Japan): Northern Japanese grasses and bitter greens
  • 16 oz. Tajima Prestige Ribeye (USA): Crossbred Black Angus and Tajima for rich marbling
  • 16 oz. Tajima Prestige Strip (USA): Buttery Japanese Wagyu meets ferrous American beef
  • Two 8 oz. Tajima Zabuton (USA): Your butcher’s secret gem that’s especially tender in Wagyu cattle

The limited-edition boxes are available now for $949 until they sell out. And if you order this weekend, you can ensure you’ll get them in time for Christmas.

Buy Now: $949

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