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Robb Recommends: Steakhouse-Quality Aged Beef Delivered to Your Home

New York Prime Beef's best cuts are just a click away.

cowboy ribeye aged steak Photo: courtesy New York Prime Beef
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As much as I’d love to do it, it’s pretty impractical to dry age your own steak at home. The refrigerator is too variable an environment because of other food being in there and the door opening and closing. And, yes, some companies are starting to make fridges dedicated to the task to help with airflow and moisture, but there are more complications than just that. For instance, when steakhouses do it they’re aging whole, massive racks. You wouldn’t want to age an individual steak because you’d end up having to trim off too much to get to the usable meat underneath.

So to eat great aged beef, that has meant going to a steakhouse. A great steakhouse’s sourcing and aging is what makes it what they do so hard to replicate at home. But the last few years have seen the rise of online purveyors delivering aged beef right to your home. A favorite of mine has been New York Prime Beef and its 28-day-aged cowboy ribeye. The company’s steaks have that concentrated beef flavor you get from dry aging, without too much funk.

The cowboy is a pretty thick cut, so I’ll unwrap and season that bad boy early in the day, setting it on a rack inside a sheet pan in my fridge. Then as the main event gets closer, I pull that steak out to let it come up to room temp so it’ll cook more evenly. Then I do a reverse sear, where I warm the steak in the oven, then pull it and do a hard sear in a smoking hot cast iron pan. I then butter baste the steak with thyme and smashed garlic. After letting that rest, I carve it for the crowd and serve family style. I like to keep it very simple because for a steak with this depth of flavor it’s best to let the meat speak for itself.


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