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Robb Recommends: The Coffee Subscription That Delivers Fresh New Beans to You Each Month

Bean Box connects you to some of Seattle's best small batch roasters.

Bean Box Sampler Photo: courtesy Bean Box
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I was born and raised in and around Seattle, so coffee is a religion to me. It has been a decade since I lived in the Emerald City, and when I return home, I’m reminded of why I’ve made my two cups a daily ritual going on two decades. Seattle’s coffee reputation is well earned. Sure, there’s the behemoth that is Starbucks looming over the city like the omnipresent gray clouds (I once stood on a street corner in downtown Seattle and could see three different Starbucks and knew there was another just around the corner out of view). But I look past the green mermaid and sample brews from outstanding small roasters all over town—from Ladro to Zoka to Herkimer and more.

Indulging in coffee when I’m back in Seattle isn’t about grasping at nostalgia. As I’ve traveled the world eating and drinking, I’ve come to appreciate that the city’s coffee really is that good. The founders behind Bean Box—Ryan Fritzky and Matthew Berk—thought so too. So much so they believed they could build a whole company around the Pacific Northwest’s superlative coffee roasters.

They faced a problem though. What helped make the small-batch roasters great was the freshness of their beans. The sooner you used the coffee after its roasting date, the more flavor and nuance you’d get in your cup. After all, if you let great beans sit around long enough, they all start tasting like Folgers.


So at Bean Box, they work with the roasters to bag and ship subscription boxes of coffee to subscribers so that the beans will arrive within 48 hours of roasting. Each month, a selection of four different coffees will arrive, attuned to the subscriber’s roast preferences. Or you can choose to have one big bag of the coffee of the month delivered instead. You can also order one-off bags from your favorite roasters. Either way, I really can taste the difference with the freshness of the coffee, allowing me to pretend I’m back in Seattle, while not having to endure all the annoying drizzle.

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