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Visit the first Yauatcha restaurant in the United States…

For many around the world the observation of afternoon tea is a vital part of the day. It is a time to put away the phone, ignore the incoming emails, and simply sit back, breathe, and connect with those around you. And opening on February 15, Yauatcha Waikiki is offering its guests an innovative indoor/outdoor teahouse experience that is carefully molded around feng shui—the ancient Chinese philosophical system of harmonizing with nature. Thus, the interior design is heavily influenced by one of the basic principles of feng shui, the principle of the elements: water, earth, wood, metal, and fire. Each element is highlighted in the design, from the calming blue glass found in nearly every corner of the teahouse, to the carefully selected furniture and lighting.

The specially crafted menu is the brainchild of Hakkasan Group’s Michelin-starred chef Ho Chee Boon—whose 28 years of experience includes working at the very first Yauatcha in SoHo, London—is pulling together seasonal flavors for the variety of dim sum offered four ways: baked, pan-fried, steamed, or grilled. Along with such mouthwatering dishes as succulent Jasmine tea-smoked pork ribs, prawn and bean curd cheung fun, and mouthwatering venison puffs, Yauatcha provides a selection of sweet delights like macaroons and petits gâteaux overseen by executive pastry chef Graham Hornigold.

“We are continually blending fresh ideas with classical techniques to create new taste sensations that will delight the palate,” says chef Boon, who is thrilled to be introducing Yauatcha to Hawaii. “We are also playing with local flavors and products, such as taro, to create a dim sum unique to Yauatcha Waikiki for the opening.”


At Yauatcha Waikiki guests have the opportunity to choose from a vast array of 24 heirloom organic teas from Five Mountains, a company that specializes in harvesting teas from countries including China, Paraguay, Japan, South Africa, Egypt, and Taiwan. For those in search of something with a bit of a kick, the teahouse also offers quite the diverse mixology menu. Fresh fruits, herbs, and teas smoothly mingle together to create enticing cocktails that will have you requesting another round.

Yauatcha Waikiki is located on the Grand Lanai at the International Market Place in Honolulu, Hawaii, and is currently accepting reservations in advance of their grand opening with pricing upon request. (yauatcha.com)

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