How to Get the Ultimate Super Bowl Feast Sent Right to Your Home

From world-class pizza to outstanding barbecue, these restaurants and purveyors have you covered.

pulled pork slider Photo: courtesy The Food Crate

Your Super Bowl party may be a little more intimate this year, but you can still serve a feast worthy of the big game. The best chefs, restaurants and purveyors from around the country are offering their services for nationwide delivery now, and the timing couldn’t be better. From messy Buffalo wings actually from Buffalo to elegant pâté, here are nine ways to create an excessive spread to watch the Bucs and Chiefs battle in America’s greatest spectacle of excess: the Super Bowl.

D’Artagnan’s Charcuterie

Dartagnan Charcuterie

Photo: Courtesy of Dartagnan


Graze on a spread of a dozen assorted charcuterie from D’Artagnan, a beloved supplier to Michelin-starred chefs in the U.S. The company’s Charcuterie Gift Box for 12 includes ready-to-eat meats and spreads such as dry-cured saucisson sec (duck, pork and wild boar), black and white truffle butters, smoked chicken breast, rich duck rillettes, dry-cured duck prosciutto, silky mousse truffée, French garlic sausage, chorizo sausage and rustic pâté de campagne. Just add your own crackers, grainy mustard, fruit preserves, pickles and olives for a lush, Old World smorgasbord.

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Pizzeria Bianco’s Wood-Fired Pizzas

Pizzeria Bianco

Photo: Courtesy of Goldbelly

New York, New Haven, Chicago, Detroit, Phoenix. When it comes to the great American pizza map, one city—one man—sticks out: Chris Bianco, whose acclaimed Pizzeria Bianco has such a devoted following it has put Arizona in the pie conversation. Order his Wood-Fired Pizza Best Seller 4-Pack to sample his James Beard Award-winning Margherita (classic Neapolitan), Wise Guy (fennel sausage, smoked mozzarella and roasted onions), Rosa (Arizona pistachios, Parmigiano-Reggiano, red onions and rosemary) and Sonny Boy (Bianco DiNapoli tomatoes, homemade mozzarella, soppressata and Gaeta olives).

Buy Now: $129


Bludso’s BBQ

bludso's bbq holy trinity sausage brisket ribs

Photo: courtesy Goldbelly

Get your barbecue fix from Texas via Los Angeles with Bludso’s. Pitmaster Kevin Bludso, whose family has been barbecuing in Corsicana, Texas, for five generations, dry-rubs and slow-smokes meat for up to 14 hours. For a taste of his North Texas-meets-West Coast style, order his Holy Trinity BBQ Combo, which features enough beef brisket, pork ribs, Texas hot links, and mild and hot BBQ sauces to feed 15 cowpokes (or actors who play them on TV).

Buy Now: $229

Momofuku’s Bo Ssäm


Photo: Courtesy of Goldbelly

Bo Ssäm has been a staple of Chef David Chang’s repertoire since Momofuku Ssäm Bar opened in New York’s East Village in 2006. The Korean dish (“ssäm” means “enclosed” or “wrapped”) involves curing a pork shoulder in salt and sugar overnight and then slow roasting it for eight hours. The pork is then wrapped in lettuce or rolls and slathered with Korean sauces to make two-bite sandwiches. Experience it for yourself at home—without having to do the curing or roasting—with the Whole Bo Ssäm Dinner for 8-10. The kit comes with an 88-ounce pork shoulder that you just need to reheat in the oven and coat with a brown sugar glaze that’s included. Also in the kit is Korean red pepper sauce, ginger-scallion sauce, two kinds of kimchi, Martin’s potato rolls and a side of fried rice (cooked Jasmine rice with a packet of fried rice seasoning mix) for a well-rounded and much-ballyhooed chef favorite.

Buy Now: $269

Kvarøy Salmon Burgers and Dogs

Kvaroy Burger

Photo: Courtesy of Fulton Fish Market

New York’s legendary Fulton Fish Market, which has been around since 1822 (and now goes by FultonFishMarket.com), has teamed up with Andrew Zimmern this year to offer novel takes on burgers and dogs. Think: salmon. The build-your-own Homegating with Andrew Zimmern Kit can include salmon from Norwegian producer Kvarøy Arctic in the form of burgers (with or without cheese) or dogs (with or without cheese). And Zimmern’s exclusive recipes and cooking demonstrations, live on social, accompany the dishes, showing you how to top them with accouterments like caviar and lemon puree or citrus-herb butter and grilled tomatoes.

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Duff’s Famous Wings

Duff's Wings

Photo: Courtesy of Goldbelly

The Bills may have lost out to the Chiefs, but every Super Bowl still requires Buffalo. And now you can get chicken sent to you from the restaurant that helped make Buffalo wings famous: Duff’s in Amherst, N.Y., just outside of Buffalo. Duff’s has been using the same family recipe for their “famous” hot wings since 1969—even President Barack Obama is a fan. Get Duff’s Spicy BBQ Wings 50-Pack, which is packed with dozens of saucy drums and flats, crunchy celery sticks and baby carrots, and bleu cheese dipping sauce. You may never be able to stomach to your neighborhood bar’s chicken wings again.

Buy Now: $149

The Food Crate’s Super Bowl Crate

pulled pork slider

Photo: courtesy The Food Crate

The Food Crate, a chef-curated food delivery service, takes all the guesswork out of party meal catering with its Super Bowl Gourmand Crate. This box contains enough food and fixings to feed up to 10 people with a variety of preferences. We’re talking cocktail franks, mini wagyu Kobe cheeseburgers, sliders, hickory-smoked pulled pork, Buffalo chicken-queso dip, applewood-smoked chicken wings, Japanese beef tenderloin skewers, brisket chili, corn chips, celery sticks, brioche slider buns, half-sour pickles, sliced American cheese, sweet Bavarian mustard and BBQ sauce. Forget anything? You can add on a dozen more necessities to your order, like biodegradable plates, just to be safe.

Buy Now: $199

Cochon’s Cajun Charcuterie

Cochon Cajun feast

Photo: Courtesy of Goldbelly

There’s European charcuterie and then there’s Cajun charcuterie. And no one does Cajun quite like Cochon Butcher in New Orleans, the butcher shop/restaurant from renowned chef Donald Link. In Link’s Cajun Grande Boucherie Feast for 12-14, you can sample Cajun favorites made in-house, like chaurice (pork sausage seasoned with thyme, cayenne and allspice), boudin (spicy sausage made from pork, liver and Louisiana popcorn rice), snappy Cajun smoked sausage, garlicky andouille sausage, smoked pork chops and whole jambalaya-stuffed chicken. It’s New World cooking with a faint, Old World accent.

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Seoul Sausage’s Korean BBQ and Fried Chicken

seoul sausage fried chicken kit

Photo: courtesy Goldbelly

Level up your sausage and chicken game with Seoul Sausage’s Korean BBQ Sausage + Fried Chicken Kit for 8. Taking inspiration from Korean American street food in Los Angeles, these sausages (Kalbi pork or sweet and spicy chicken) come with sweet Hawaiian soft buns and bold toppings like garlic-jalapeno aioli, kimchi relish and crispy fried onions. And the double-fried boneless chicken can be adorned with pickled daikon radishes, sweet-spicy “KFC” sauce and pickled jalapeños for a decidedly fresh take on game day essentials.

Buy Now: $119

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