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9 Epic Super Bowl Feasts You Can Have Delivered Right to Your Door

From world-class pizza to outstanding barbecue, any of these will ensure your gameday spread is great.

detroit style pizza co Goldbelly

America’s secular holiday, the Super Bowl, deserves an epic feast. So we’ve looked to the best chefs, restaurants and purveyors from around the country that are offering their services for nationwide delivery to cater the feast—instead of preparing everything on our own. From messy Buffalo wings actually from Buffalo to elegant pâté, here are eight ways to create an excessive spread to watch the Chiefs and Eagles battle in our country’s greatest spectacle of excess.

Pat’s King of Steaks

Pat's Philly Cheesesteak


Eagles fans who’ve flown the coop and don’t live in Philly anymore may want a taste of home while watching Jalen Hurts and the crew take the field. South Philly legends Pat’s King of Steaks is offering cheesesteak kits wit or wit out onions and plenty of Cheese Wiz (or provolone or American if that’s your pleasure).

Buy Now: $100

Snow’s BBQ

snows bbq ribs brisket sausage


Ms. Tootsie Tomanetz, the legendary pitmaster featured on Netflix’s Chef’s Table, only sells her award-winning meats for a few hours, every Saturday morning, at Snow’s BBQ in Lexington, Texas. But you don’t have to catch a flight and wait in line overnight to get your hands on a tray. Snow’s Best of Texas BBQ Feast ships to your door and includes two 4-pound, oak-smoked briskets, four pounds of tender St. Louis pork ribs, and three pounds of juicy sausage, enough to serve 30 hungry cowpokes.

Buy Now: $440

Duff’s Famous Wings


The Bills may have lost out to the Bengals, but every Super Bowl still requires Buffalo. And now you can get chicken sent to you from the restaurant that helped make Buffalo wings famous: Duff’s in Amherst, New York, just outside of Buffalo. Duff’s has been using the same family recipe for their “famous” hot wings since 1969—even President Barack Obama is a fan. Get Duff’s Spicy BBQ Wings 50-Pack, which is packed with dozens of saucy drums and flats, crunchy celery sticks and baby carrots, and bleu cheese dipping sauce. You may never be able to stomach your neighborhood bar’s chicken wings again.

Buy Now: $155

John’s of Bleecker Street Pizza

john's of bleeker pizza slice


Pizza will always charm a crowd. Instead of calling up your local chain and waiting hours to see some pies, stock your freezer with the New York-Style 4-Pack from John’s of Bleecker Street, the legendary pizzeria in Greenwich Village. Italian immigrants began making these coal-fired brick oven pizzas in 1929 and the slices are largely considered to be some of the best in the city to this day. Design your own four pack of chewy, 14-inch pies from “The Sasso” classic cheese (aged mozzarella and tomato sauce), pepperoni, crumbled Italian sausage and mushroom.

Buy Now: $150

Zahav Hummus & Salatim Spread

zahav hummus spread


Nothing is sadder than an untouched veggie platter at a party. Liven up your side dish offerings with the Zahav Hummus & Salatim Spread from groundbreaking Philly chef Mike Solomonov. This zero-prep colorful spread includes two pints of Zahav’s famous hummus, a dozen six-inch pitas, and six eight-ounce portions of classic Salatim (Israeli salads and dips)—beets with tahini, Moroccan carrots, twice-cooked eggplant, pickled sweet-and-sour Napa cabbage, spicy fennel and green beans with tomato compote. Also included are two tubs of spicy condiments—Yemini chili paste (schug) and Moroccan chili paste (harissa).

Buy Now: $110

Debragga Dry Aged Beef Hamburgers

Photo: courtesy DeBragga

For those who don’t mind firing up the grill in the winter, only the best meat will do. DeBragga, which has been supplying premium steak to New York and beyond for nearly a century, offers some of our favorite dry aged ground beef burgers you’ll find. These thick Angus patties are made from steak that’s aged 28 days, giving a depth of flavor to your burger that’ll put your local butcher to shame.

Buy Now: $32

Detroit Style Pizza Co.

detroit style pizza co


Listen, you eating this pizza during the big game is the closest Detroit is ever getting to the Super Bowl (sorry, Lions fans). The angular Detroit-style pie first made famous by Buddy’s Pizza in the Motor City, has spread throughout the country. The late founder of Detroit Style Pizza Co. was crowned “World’s Best Pizza Maker” at the 2012 International Pizza Expo for his take on the Michigan classic. Order a three-pack and choose between six different pies, including Veggie, Meat Supreme and Motor City Sausage.

Buy Now: $95

Cochon’s Cajun Charcuterie

Photo: Courtesy of Goldbelly

There’s European charcuterie and then there’s Cajun charcuterie. And no one does Cajun quite like Cochon Butcher in New Orleans, the butcher shop/restaurant from renowned chef Donald Link. In Link’s Cajun Grande Boucherie Feast for 12-14, you can sample Cajun favorites made in-house, like chaurice (pork sausage seasoned with thyme, cayenne and allspice), boudin (spicy sausage made from pork, liver and Louisiana popcorn rice), snappy Cajun smoked sausage, garlicky andouille sausage, smoked pork chops and whole jambalaya-stuffed chicken. It’s New World cooking with a faint, Old World accent.

Buy Now: $260

Dominique Ansel Chocolate Chip Cookies

dominique ansel cookies

Dominique Ansel

Even if your team doesn’t win, you can brighten the mood of your living room by bringing out a dessert from pastry chef Dominique Ansel, the mad-hatted creator of the Cronut. Ansel’s signature Chocolate Chunk Cookies, famous from New York to Hong Kong, are made with milk chocolate and dark chocolate chunks and baked until golden, leaving a gooey center.

Buy Now: $55

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