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A Wagyu Beef Offering from Tom Hixson of Smithfield Market

Tom Hixson, one of England’s top importers of the world’s premier meat, is offering Wagyu's exclusively for Robb Report.

Tom Hixson Wagyu Courtesy of Tom Hixson

A family-owned business established last century, Tom Hixson is one of England’s most discerning importers of the world’s premier meat. The company is now putting together an exclusive offering for Robb Report, made up of a selection of different Wagyus from three different continents. 

The first is a 5.2-kilogram Jack’s Creek Wagyu ribeye from Australia. Serving 26, it’s a pure-bred cut with a BMS score of 8-9 and was a winner of this year’s World Steak Challenge. (The beef also won in 2016, 2017 and 2019.) The second meat on offer is a top-tier Japanese Akune Gold Wagyu sirloin weighing two kilograms (serves 10-plus) and is an A5 Japanese meat (again, pure-bred) with a BMS score of 9. This is another 2022 World Steak Challenge winner, with a soft tenderness without obvious comparison and approaching that of a stick of butter. 

Finally, we have two large tomahawk steaks, each weighing1.1 kilograms from Tom Hixson’s own Wagyu and Irish Shorthorn cross. The animals’ diet is supplemented for three months with chocolate, which gives a delicate sweetness to the bite: think the tenderness of Wagyu married to the flavor of Shorthorn. 

The package comes with two personal chopping boards, a mortar and pestle, two napkins and a leather apron. £2,350 

Enquire at RobbReportGifts@livunltd.com or 212-757-4300.

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