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Watch ‘Top Chef’ Winner Mei Lin Show You How to Cook Her Favorite Comfort Food

Turn your leftover takeout rice into a restaurant-quality dish.

Robb Report's Best Culinary Debut 2019, Mei Lin Nightshade Jessica Pons

Anyone who follows Mei Lin on Instagram (If you don’t, go here and start), knows that she is cooking some amazing comfort food right now, like cheddar-scallion biscuits, mapo tofu and scallion pancakes. Even better is that she’s posting the recipes and techniques in her Instagram stories. So we asked her to join us on our Instagram Live to share how to make her favorite comfort food: congee.

The chef behind Nightshade won Top Chef a few years back on the strength of her congee and also serves an outstanding version at her hit Los Angeles restaurant. It’s a food she grew up eating and is actually really simple. It’s a porridge made from rice that you cook extra-long to start breaking down the grains to create a creamier texture. The congee becomes a blank canvas to layer flavors on top and then stir into the bowl. It’s especially great right now because you can top the dish with whatever ingredients you have at home that you think will work well together. Have some leftover roast chicken? Shred that up and add it to the congee along with scallions, your favorite hot sauce and a poached egg and you’re got a great meal.

In this episode of Robb Report’s Culinary School Lin shows how you can transform that carton of takeout rice in your fridge into a restaurant-quality dish.

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