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Watch World-Class Chef Thomas Keller Show You How to Carve a Bird

The Michelin three-star chef gets down to basics. Thanksgiving basics.

For a certain generation of chefs in America, Thomas Keller provided a guidebook to understanding cooking—literally. Well-worn copies of the French Laundry Cookbook litter countless kitchen shelves, chock full of inspiration and technique. But his instruction hasn’t just been for professionals. Keller’s Ad Hoc at Home has been one of my most used and reliable tomes in my cooking arsenal for nearly a decade.

As much as I love my tower of cookbooks, these days I’m looking to online video for culinary instruction more and more. Until recently, really great tutorials have been elusive, however there’s a wealth of great chefs sharing their skills now. Over at Masterclass Gordon Ramsay, Gabriela Camara Dominique Ansel and more have created video lesson plans to guide the home cook on a variety of cuisines. And Keller offers multiple  Masterclasses that will make you a better home cook.

The courses are a series of video lessons, highlighting a particular technique or dish, with the chefs walking you through each preparation. There are also tasks to help you improve your skills and a workbook you can download that supplements the video lesson with assignments and recipes. There’s even an option where you can upload videos of yourself to receive critiques from the instructor.

As the only American chef with two restaurants holding three Michelin stars (The French Laundry and Per Se), Keller is an ideal teacher of technique, as the level of detail he brings even to the simplest of dishes—like his beloved roast chicken—will benefit the home cook. In this round of lessons Keller is focusing on meats, stocks, and sauces, which is just in time for the crush of holiday cooking to come.


In an exclusive clip from his recently published Masterclass, Keller shows the best way to carve a chicken, which isn’t that different from carving a turkey. As you prepare your showstopper for the Thanksgiving gathering on Thursday, watch a little lesson from a master, so you can really impress your guests this year.

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