A Peek Inside United Airlines’ Secret, Invite-Only Restaurant Inside an Airport

Hidden within another restaurant, Classified offers a luxurious reprieve from the bustle of the terminal.

Classified Hidden Restaurant Photo: courtesy United

Airports across the country have significantly stepped up their food game, elevating what was once little more than sad, suburban-shopping-mall-style food-court fare. Nowadays, you can get Shake Shack, food by Rick Bayless, Beecher’s Cheese, and more at airports around the country.

It’s against this context that United Airlines has snuck in under the radar with a totally new experience. Last month, the airline slyly opened a hidden, high-end, invite-only restaurant inside another restaurant at its Newark airport hub.

The restaurant, called Classified, can only be accessed with an invite from United (sent to a select group of frequent flyers) and a reservation. Those able to score both will simply walk up to the host stand at the restaurant Saison and say they have a reservation. Since Saison doesn’t actually take reservations, the host will know to lead you back through a secret door to a hidden-away, 36-seat dining room—a welcome reprieve from the bustle of the terminal.

The menu offers upscale, new American cuisine, with dishes like wagyu sliders, chili lobster, a 40-oz 28-day-aged porterhouse, seafood towers, and foie gras. And the drink selection is much better than what you’d get at the TGI Fridays out in the terminal. Classified offers exclusive wine and spirits, like bottles of premier cru Burgundy and Pappy Van Winkle.

Business Insider got a peek inside Classified, so you can watch the video below to see what the restaurant is serving up.

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