This Is the World’s Most Expensive Ramen

A $180 bowl of noodles with black truffle and gold-leaf-topped Wagyu beef…

Ramen, the popular Japanese noodles-in-broth dish, isn’t typically thought of as a luxury meal. The three-for-a-buck supermarket packages of instant noodles are a staple of college kids’ diets, and a bowl of ramen at a nice New York City noodle bar will maybe set you back $15.

Chef Yuji Wakiya (who was a winner on Japan’s version of Iron Chef) is raising the bar. At Koa, in NYC’s Flatiron District, a bowl of chef Wakiya’s ramen sells for $180, rendering it the world’s most expensive—a title previously held by chef Shoichi Fujimaki’s ramen in Tokyo for $120 a bowl.

Earning its price tag, Wakiya’s Kobe Wagyu Ramen is made with Shanton broth—made from a combination of pork, chicken, dried shrimp, dried scallop, and dried Konbu seaweed—and is served with green and white asparagus and Binchotan charcoal-grilled Japanese Kobe Wagyu steak topped with black truffles and 24-karat gold leaf.


The ramen is presented in handmade bowls and served with elaborate handmade chopsticks that you get to take home with you.

For dessert, it seems only appropriate to venture over to Manila Social Club in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, for its $150 platinum-covered Patrón Platinum Donut; or uptown to Serendipity 3 for its $1,000 Golden Opulence sundae. (koanyc.com)

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