21 Ultimate Gifts: Forbidden Treasures

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Six boxes of Dunhill Selección Suprema Don Candido No. 505 pre-embargo Cuban cigars.

Two boxes of H. Upmann Dunhill Selección Suprema No. 201 pre-embargo Cuban cigars.

One cabinet of Montecristo Selección Suprema No. 1 pre-embargo Cuban cigars.

Daniel Marshall custom-made humidor with a solid-gold medallion featuring a platinum filigree of the recipient’s name, family crest, or company logo.


Since the february 1962 U.S. embargo against Cuban products, American aficionados have coveted the Havana cigars that citizens of other countries are free to enjoy. For these disadvantaged Americans, a box of pre-embargo Havanas remains the holiest of Holy Grails because such a prize is legal to purchase and possess in the United States.

Although such cigars rarely come on the market, when they do, it is usually at auction. A cache of pre-embargo Cubans was recently discovered in London by Alfred Dunhill during a move from the firm’s Jermyn Street location to its present address at Bourdon House, Mayfair. The company, which specializes in vintage cigars, is offering it to one Robb Report reader.

The treasure trove comprises eight cedar boxes of 25 cigars each and one cedar “cabinet” of 50 cigars, for a total of 250 cigars. Specifically, the collection contains six boxes of Dunhill Selección Suprema Don Candido No. 505 (3? x 30), two boxes of H. Upmann Dunhill Selección Suprema No. 201 (4 x 36), and one cabinet of Montecristo Selección Suprema No. 1 (6½ x 42). All customs duties or excise taxes on these pre-embargo cigars are included in the purchase price.

To house this assortment, Daniel Marshall—the master artisan who, since 1982, has handcrafted humidors for celebrities, royalty, and brands including Tiffany & Co., S.T. Dupont, and Alfred Dunhill—designed a 100-cigar curved-lid Signature Treasure Chest humidor. This work of art is fashioned with rounded corners of vavona burl, inlaid with ebony, and protected by Marshall’s glasslike trademark “1,000 coat” finish. Once the Signature Treasure Chest humidor is complete, Daniel Marshall will coordinate the importation and delivery of the pre-embargo cigars, making this gift a smoke dream come true.

Daniel Marshall, 714.973.8660, www.danielmarshall.com

The selection of pre-embargo Havana cigars in combination with the Daniel Marshall Signature Treasure Chest humidor is available to only one buyer and must be purchased by December 31, 2009. The buyer must be at least 21 years of age.

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