A 10-Year-Old French Toast

For the first time in five years, Rhum Clément—the world’s leading producer of Martinique’s rhum agricole (rum, primarily from the French West Indies, that has been distilled from fresh sugarcane juice rather than molasses)—has introduced a new aged rum. Rhum Clément 10 Year Old Grand Réserve Très Vieux ($70) is a blend of rums that have been aged in recharred bourbon barrels for a minimum of 10 years. Then, special barrels are selected by the cellar master and aged for an additional period of time to bring out even more of their distinctive cinnamon, dried-fruit, and vanilla flavors. This limited-edition release, a part of Rhum Clément’s Grand Réserve portfolio, is a fitting tribute to the distillery’s founder Homère Clément; he was instrumental in developing the rhum agricole style and founded Habitation Clément more than 125 years ago. (www.rhumclementusa.com)

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