A Dominican Cigar Wrapped in Morrón Maduro

Most cigar smokers are highly opinionated about what they smoke. These perceptions are usually shaped by the characteristics of the tobaccos and the countries in which the cigars are rolled. And when it comes to Mexican tobacco, it is generally assumed that the taste will be somewhat on the coarse side, in keeping with the appearance of the leaf. But this is definitely not the case with the Montecristo Reserva Negra ($7.50-$12), a rich, brown maduro cigar that is uncharacteristically smooth, both in texture and taste. In fact, the dark, San Andres Morrón wrapper (the manufacturer, Altadis, doesn’t even refer to it as Mexican leaf, although it most definitely is) is nothing short of luxuriously oily. Its medium-strong espresso and burnt cream-like flavors harmonize with the spicy Nicaraguan and Honduran filler and Nicaraguan binder.  The cigar is gently boxed pressed, with rounded corners. It is available in five sizes, ranging from a 5×44 corona to a 7×56 Churchill, although the 6×54 Toro is our favorite. (www.altadisusa.com)

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