Alec Bradley Prensado

Prensado is Spanish for “pressed” and a fitting name for this well-constructed Honduran powerhouse, which is Alec Bradley’s second box-pressed cigar. The Alec Bradley Prensado (www.alecbradley.com; $8.95–$11.75 depending on shape) is also the company’s most full-bodied smoke to date. Rolled with a new Corojo 2006 Honduran wrapper from Trojes, near the Nicaraguan border, the cigar has a rugged texture and a deep, woodsy aroma that portend a well-hewn, muscular flavor. The taste is enhanced by Nicaraguan and Honduran filler and a Nicaraguan binder from Jalapa. It took more than six months to perfect the cigars, which were then aged in cedar for five months. Five sizes are available: the 5 5/8  x 48 corona gorda, 5 x 50 robusto, 7 x 48 Churchill, 6 x 54 gran toro, and 6 1/8 x 52 torpedo. Not a cigar for the uninitiated, the Prensado pairs well with a medium-rare porterhouse and a snifter of 100-proof Knob Creek.

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