An Innocent Twist on Tequila

There is something refreshingly pure about the aptly named Inocente ($49.99), the Spanish word for “innocent,” a new small-batch tequila, which presently is only available as Platinum—a blanco, or clear, unaged spirit. Tasting this version is the best way to judge the expertise of the distiller, before the influences of barrel aging take over—as with reposado and añejo (both of which Inocente plans to introduce later this year).

The spirit’s bouquet is thick and floral, and it hints that perhaps this ultra-premium tequila should not be mixed, but rather, enjoyed in a snifter at room temperature, or served chilled in a tall, thin glass. The flavor is full of sweet vanilla with a tingle of spice in the finish, an indication of agaves that were slowly cooked in traditional hornos, or clay ovens. This purity of taste is also due to triple distillation—one more distillation than required by law, which gives Inocente a sophisticated crispness. Adding to this is a micro-oxygenation process that injects tiny air bubbles into the agave distillate, which further purifies its clean, rich flavor. And as a final homage to its individuality, each recycled blue glass bottle is given a slight turn as it is hand-blown, which literally puts a new twist on a very individualistic tequila. (www.inocentetequila.com)

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