Belvedere Unveils Its Arty Side

Belvedere Vodka unveiled the newest iteration of its classic spirit last February with the launch of Belvedere IX. For the packaging of this 100- proof spirit, Belvedere enlisted the talents of a Parisian graffiti artist André. A pioneer of counter-culture public art since the early 1990s, André is probably best known for taking commissions to graffiti the names of clients’ significant others on the streets of Paris. For the Belvedere collaboration, the street artist modified his signature stick-figure logo to have an I and an X in place of the figure’s eyes. The IX on the Belvedere bottle, however, stands for the nine exotic ingredients infused into the spirit—including açai, eucalyptus, and jasmine—resulting in heavy floral notes on the nose, followed by a strong ginger and açai flavor on the palate. (www.belvedere.com)

—Oliver Slosser

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