Best Of The Best 2006: Formidable Flavor

The Gurkha brand is named for the fearsome, faithful Nepalese soldiers who fought alongside the British in the days of the Raj. Considering its substantial construction quality and complex flavors, the Gurkha Titan is worthy of its brand name. The Titan is the best smoke we have sampled from this emerging brand, thanks to the lengthy aging it receives and to Gurkha’s lofty standards (the company claims its inspectors reject nine out of every 10 potential Titans). Our panelists loved the Titan’s light, floral aromas, which float over a satisfying, medium-bodied taste. Although the Matasa 30th Anniversary by Fonseca decidedly claimed Best of the Best honors, the Titan outranked all other competitors. Had we presented an award for the most original packaging, the Titan would have conquered all comers: The box’s brushed aluminum hatches have shocked the cigar world in the manner that Stravinsky’s compositions once jolted classical music.

Beach Cigar Group


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