Best Of The Best 2006: The Nose Knows

Like fine wines, great cigars can be savored almost as much for their aroma as for their taste. The Graycliff Château Grand Cru reinforced this point with our panelists, many of whom expressed a favorable opinion before the cigar ever touched their lips. The Grand Cru’s extraordinary nose comes from an unusual blend of tobaccos: Its rough, pungent Costa Rican wrapper surrounds a spicy Ecuadoran binder and filler tobaccos from both of those countries as well as Nicaragua and Zimbabwe. And on top of that, the Grand Cru is rolled by Cuban torcedors at Graycliff’s factory in Nassau, Bahamas—an unusual source for a premium cigar, but one conveniently located next door to the Graycliff Hotel and Restaurant. The cigar’s buttery, mellow flavor lingers on the palate long after the draw—a characteristic that some panelists loved, and others found unsettling.



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