Best Of The Best 2006: Satisfaction Guaranteed

After his defeat at Culloden in 1746, Prince Charles Edward Stuart of Scotland—better known as Bonnie Prince Charlie—fled to the isle of Skye. There, he rewarded the MacKinnon clan for their Hebridean hospitality by giving them the recipe for his favorite liqueur, which consisted of aged Scotch malt whiskies, heather honey, and a secret complement of aromatics. The Scots have been making Drambuie ever since—although the Drambuie Liquor Co. did not begin marketing the liqueur commercially until the early 20th century, and it only recently reintroduced Drambuie in the United States. The name, from the Gaelic an dram buidheach, means “the drink that satisfies.” This liqueur has an herbal, minty nose and sweet honey, complex herb, and rich Scotch whisky flavors.




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