Best Things First: Corkscrew

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Selecting a wine opener is a task that illustrates a universal dilemma: too many choices. Does one opt for a Rabbit, a screwpull, prongs, wings, or a table-mounted or pneumatic model? Does a corkscrew that resembles a car jack work better than one that looks like a fish?

In this case, however, the wider the selection, the simpler the choice. Forge de Laguiole, the famed French knife- maker, has been producing a classic sommelier’s corkscrew since 1880. Each model comes with a leather case and certificate of authenticity, and has an elegant polished handle of bone, wood, or horn, marked by a shepherd’s cross of rivets and a stylized bee. Attached are a foil-cutting blade and bottle opener, a five-spiraled worm, and a lifting lever. Translation: Cut, twist, and lift.

Forge de Laguiole Sommeliers

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