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Boondocks Just Dropped an 18-Year-Old Bourbon Collectors Will Clamor For

Woodford Reserve's former distiller is releasing just 1,620 bottles of his new whiskey.

Boondocks 18 Year Old Straight Bourbon Whiskey Boondocks American Whiskey

Just when you think you’re out, they pull you back in—so goes the Mafia, and so goes the whiskey industry. At least that’s the case with ex-Woodford Reserve distiller David Scheurich, who founded Boondocks American Whiskey in 2016 after four decades in the business. Now the brand is dropping a new 18-year-old bourbon priced at nearly $300.

Scheurich certainly knows a thing or two about making and blending whiskey. His resume includes 14 years with Seagrams, a short two years at Wild Turkey, and over 20 years working for Brown-Forman, the parent company of Woodford, Jack Daniel’s and Old Forester. He started out as facilities manager for the B-F corporate headquarters in 1989, ultimately working his way up to the position of general manager and distiller at Woodford, a position from which he retired in 2010. He then started a consulting business called High Spirits Enterprise and became master distiller at Boondocks a few years later (the brand is owned by Royal Wine Corp).

Boondocks’ core lineup consists of sourced whiskeys, with a range that includes American whiskey (96 proof and cask strength), bourbon, rye and something called the Spice Project, an American whiskey blended with spices. The latest expression to join the family is part of the Boondocks’ Signature Series Collection, the 18 Year Old Straight Bourbon Whiskey (52.7 percent ABV). According to a rep for the brand, Scheurich sourced a few barrels of Tennessee bourbon aged nearly 17 years for this release, and these were brought to Bardstown, KY to further mature until he felt they were ready. The exact mashbill is not revealed, but it’s estimated to be about 70 percent corn. We have not sampled this limited-edition bottle, and 18 years is pushing the upper limits of bourbon maturation before the liquid becomes an oak bomb. That being said, the official tasting notes sound interesting (as they do) and include toffee, dark maple syrup and some spice on the palate, along with Tahitian vanilla, butterscotch, and dark roasted coffee.

Boondocks 18 Year Old Straight Bourbon Whiskey is in short supply—just 1,620 bottles are being released to the public with an SRP of $279.99. And these bottles are only available at retailers in eight states, which means it might be time for a whiskey roadtrip if you don’t happen to live in one of them.

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