A Chance to Taste Rare Mezcals

A veritable library of small-batch spirits find their way to the States…

For those who love fine mezcal, sampling micro-batch versions of this Mexican spirit typically means a trip to Oaxaca’s La Mezcaloteca. Founded 6 years ago by Silvia Philion and Marco Ochoa, this inviting bar presents more than 100 mezcals, all from producers that make batches as small as 100 liters or even less. Now Mezcalosfera by Mezcaloteca ($160, mezcaloteca.com), a series of limited-edition bottlings by La Mezcaloteca, brings a selection of those elusive spirits to the States. The initial release is a blend of Tobalá and Madrecuixe agaves from maestro mezcalero Felipe Cortés, whose family has been making the spirit for three generations. Aficionados who miss out on this first edition, which consists of only 220 liters, will have to wait for the next release, which will be entirely different.

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