Clase Azul “Ultra” Extra Añejo Tequila

Photo by Cordero Studios/corderdostudios.com

In the world of tequilas, there are blancos, which require no aging; reposados, aged from two to 12 months; and añejos, aged for one to three years. Then there are extra añejos, a relatively new category of tequilas that are matured for three years or longer. There is no “ultimate extra añejo” category, but if there were, this silky-smooth sherry-barrel-aged tequila—brimming with marzipan, cinnamon, curry, and butter—would qualify. Befitting the tequila, the decanter is adorned with silver and a 24-karat-gold label, then hand-painted with platinum. Only 100 bottles are produced on average each year.

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