Codigo 1530 Origen: An Enchanting and Exclusive Extra-Añejo Tequila

A small-batch, family-made tequila goes global for the first time…

On the heels of a successful soft launch in a handful of markets last fall, boutique tequila maker Código 1530 is now in the midst of a nationwide rollout of its extra-añejo, Origen. As the marketing minstrels tell it, for five generations a little distillery in Amatitán had been producing this tequila solely for the private pleasure of Mexico’s “most respected families and finest jimadors.” But now, perhaps moved by the spirit of altruism (or capitalism), Código 1530 has decided to share Origen with the rest of us. For a price, of course—$299 per bottle, to be exact. Good thing, that, because it truly is an enchanting elixir.


Blue agave is cooked in stainless-steel ovens, then fermented using an organic family baker’s yeast. After two runs through the still, the juice goes into French oak previously used to age Cabernet Sauvignon in Napa. The spirit spends six years getting acquainted with the wood before bottling, making it one of the oldest extra-añejos on the market.

Origen smells of roses and caramel candy. That sweet floral characteristic is also evident on the palate, along with dried fruit notes and a fair amount of smoke. It’s meant to be consumed neat, of course, and by all means do so. But, boy, does it ever taste spectacular in an añejo Old Fashioned.  (codigo1530.com)


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