Cognac for the Holidays

The last examples of a rare collection of cognac bottles designed by Art Deco artist Erté will be released this holiday season from Courvoisier. The spirits company is selling the final eight sets composed of seven different Art Deco bottles each, originally designed by artist Erté in the 1980s and stored by Courvoisier until now. Each depicts a different step in the cognac-making process, from Vine, Harvest, and Distillation to Aging, Tasting, Spirit, and the Angel’s Share, which symbolizes part of the aging process where some of the spirit’s volume is lost through evaporation. The bottles will hold a rare blend of the finest cognacs from the Grande Champagne region, including one dating back to 1892, the year Erté was born. Each collection is $10,000, and a small number of individual bottles are being sold for $1,450. (www.courvoisier.com)

—Alexandra Foster

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