Conspiring over a Cigar

Camacho is known for making strong Honduran cigars and Matt Booth is known for creating unique silver jewelry for Hollywood’s elite. When the two got together a few years ago, the Room 101 limited-edition cigar was born; this is their second offering. Dubbed Room 101 LTD Conjura ($6.95–$9.95), it lives up to its name, as conjura means “conspire” in Spanish, and the Sumatra Rosado wrapper has indeed conspired with the Honduran binder and Nicaraguan and Dominican filler to produce a muscular smoke full of coffee, cedar, curry, and allspice.

“We wanted a cigar that did not look intimidating, one that would be very silky but would have some power to it,” says Camacho president Christian Eiroa. “We also wanted to move away from the traditional taste of the Corojo wrapper. So we started working on a blend with a Sumatra wrapper and Corojo filler and it gave us a cigar that is completely different from anything else that we do.” 

Aged for two years to bring out the maximum potential of the complex flavors, these cigars are produced in four sizes. The box-pressed 5 x 50 is by far the most evocative, as it isn’t really box pressed at all, but is more rectangular, thus “conspiring” to elicit comments whenever it is smoked. (

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