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Dalmore Port Wood Reserve Is Priced for Casual Whisky Fans

This whisky offers an aroma of sweet red berries and sticky toffee pudding.

Dalmore Port Wood Reserve Photo Credit: Courtesy

Scottish distiller Dalmore is known for creating ultra-exclusive expressions such as the Dalmore 50 Year Old, which debuted to rave reviews and was priced at $62,500 per bottle. Building upon its reputation for excellence, Dalmore has now released a new single-malt whisky, the Dalmore Port Wood Reserve ($99), which offers an introduction to the brand’s spirits at a more accessible price point. After starting out in American white-oak ex-bourbon casks, the liquid is split equally, with half remaining in the casks and the other half transferred to Tawny Port Pipes from the Douro region of Portugal for additional aging. The two are then combined so the flavors can harmonize before the bottling process.

“The Dalmore Port Wood Reserve is the newest addition to our Principal Collection and brings a vast range of exotic flavors through its finishing in the finest port pipes from Portugal’s Douro region,” says master distiller Richard Paterson, who has been in the spirits industry for more than 50 years. “I set out to craft a single malt, which took cask curation to a different level, producing a complex finish of rich plums, sultanas, and Sanguinello blood oranges. The whisky is purposely higher in ABV to bring out the depth of flavor from the port pipes, and in turn produces a heady aroma of sweet red berries, plummy fruits, and sticky toffee pudding. This noble spirit was an honor to make and will undoubtedly be a privilege to be savored.”

Equal parts smooth and indulgent, the expression boasts an aroma of sweet red berries, Seville oranges, and sticky toffee pudding. Hints of nectarines, roasted chestnuts, caramel, and coffee are evident on the palate, with rich plums, macerated cherries, sultanas, and Sanguinello blood oranges in the finish.


The whisky can be purchased in select single-malt specialty stores or from Dalmore’s website.

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