An Elegant New Wine-on-Tap System for the Home

Slow sippers can put two bottles of wine on tap for up to 90 days…

The age-old dilemma of at-home, by-the-glass drinking may finally be solved. A new wine appliance called Plum (plum.wine) aims to up the ante of needle preservation with an automatic system that controls temperature and prevents oxygen exposure during storage. Created by David Koretz, a wine-loving inventor and technology CEO, the countertop device features an internal camera that scans the label of an inserted bottle and, using proprietary technology, detects the wine’s vintage, varietal, region, winery, and ideal serving conditions. Once the wine reaches peak drinking temperature, Plum alerts the user and, upon the push of a button, uses its own patent-pending needle system to pierce the top—whether a traditional cork or a metal screw cap—and pressurize the bottle. Wine is served in any increment via dual pouring spouts (one for white wines and another for reds). The device, which holds two 750 mL bottles and is priced at $1,500, can preserve accessed wine for up to 90 days, ensuring that every drop will be happily consumed.

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