Ferrand Brings Back ’72

Distilled in 1972 and bottled last January, the Pierre Ferrand Vintage 1972 Cask Strength Cognac (750 ml, $600) is the latest addition to the distillery’s Collection Privée series, featuring the company’s rare and single-vintage cognacs (including the Pierre Ferrand 1914, 1970, 1971, and 1973). Pierre Ferrand’s cellar master, Frederic Gilbert, recalls 1972 being well suited for making eau-de-vie that would age for decades. “We had a unique combination of a very mild spring, two decisive frosts, one in May and one in September, which resulted in an early blossoming. However, a very dry August with strong sunshine gave the grapes the acidity needed for a cognac of long maturation.” The 1972 is bottled at cask strength, meaning it was bottled straight from the cask without the addition of water to reduce the alcohol content to 40 percent. At 43.8 percent alcohol by volume, the spirit is exceptionally smooth, exhibiting flavors of tropical fruits, red berries, vanilla, spice, and wood on the back palate. (www.pierreferrandcognac.com)

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