Front Runners August 2015: A Better Brew

The PicoBrew Zymatic significantly eases the home-brewing burden...

Because of the equipment, setup, sterilization, and constant monitoring required, brewing beer at home can seem more like a part-time job than a hobby. The new PicoBrew Zymatic ($1,999, picobrew.com) significantly eases the home-brewing burden. After as little as 10 minutes of setup, users simply select from one of more than 100 easily modifiable preprogrammed recipes (or create their own), load the grains and hops, fill the keg with water, and let the Zymatic do the rest. The 3.5-hour process is easily monitored on a mobile device via the unit’s Internet connection, which also lets users track and catalog the brew’s details. Once the cycle is complete, the Zymatic transfers the mashed grain slush, called wort, to the keg for fermentation. Within a few weeks, 2.5 gallons of beer is ready to drink—and the brewer can raise a glass to the Zymatic’s self-cleaning system. 

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