FrontRunners: Cellar’s Market

As cities grow increasingly vertical, cellar space is becoming scarce—a bothersome trend for urban-dwelling wine collectors. Now, in a 19th-century warehouse on Manhattan’s West Side, WineCare Storage (212.594.9590, www.winecare .com) offers a solution.


WineCare’s automated storage system keeps track of every bottle in the company’s secure, humidity-controlled bunker, which is kept at a constant 55 degrees and can hold as many as 120,000 cases of wine. View your collection on your PC, click some keys, and the desired wines appear at your door in three hours if you live on the island—perhaps a day if you live elsewhere in the world.

WineCare president Derek Limbocker is especially keen on the implications for new collectors: “How many people have never even considered collecting because they don’t have the space?” The service costs about $2 per case per month, and WineCare will accommodate a collection as small as one bottle.


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