FrontRunners: Scotch under the Rocks

Photo by Packshot Factory

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Three bottles of the recently released Mackinlay’s Rare Old Highland Malt Whisky 1907 are included in the Alfred Dunhill Antarctic Whisky Cabinet ( The Mackinlay has the flavor and nose of whisky from a cache that Ernest Shackleton abandoned during his Antarctic exploration in 1909. After Shackleton’s three lost crates of Mackinlay were discovered under a layer of permafrost near the South Pole in 2001, the Scottish distillery Whyte & Mackay analyzed and replicated the whisky for its 2011 release. The $51,000 Dunhill cabinet is portable (though it weighs nearly 50 pounds) and equipped with all the accoutrements for serving the spirit: a crystal-glass decanter, four drinking glasses, a sterling-silver water carafe, and an ice bucket. Also included is a rare first-edition copy of The Heart of the Antarctic, which chronicles Shackleton’s expedition.

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