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Cigar conglomerate Altadis has augmented some of its top brands with Cabinet Selección blends, which are made with specially selected and aged tobaccos. The Por Larrañaga Cabinet Selección is the best of this elite breed, offering a wonderfully smooth, subtly spicy taste, a fresh, foresty nose, and a flavor that never bites. The leaves are mostly of Nicaraguan origin, with a touch of Honduran filler added for balance. The rough-looking wrapper does not particularly please the eye, but the intricate blend of tastes more than makes up for it. Five sizes are available, the largest and most satisfying of which is the 6 x 56 Toro shown here. ($7 each) www.altadisusa.com

The new Andre Garcia Pack & Go cigar case displays impeccable form and offers flawless function. A zippered section at the bottom conceals a humidification element; vents allow its moisture to reach the cedar-lined cigar compartment. The zippered section can also hold a lighter and a cutter. The company says the leather that covers the case is of the same grade as that used in luxury cars. The case can be crafted to fit your preferred cigar size. ($250 to $350) www.andregarciacases.com

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