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Ligero tobacco comes from the top leaves of a tobacco plant, which have the strongest flavor. Just a bit of this tobacco adds considerable power to any blend, so a cigar labeled “double ligero” might seem intimidating. Rest assured, though, that the La Flor Dominicana Double Ligero “A” tames its substantial quantity of ligero with milder Dominican leaves and a mellow wrapper grown from Sumatran seeds in Ecuador. The result is a taste that, while undeniably heavy, remains balanced and smooth throughout the cigar’s 9-inch length. ($180 for a box of 10) www.laflordominicana.com


Cigars must be stored at roughly 70 percent humidity: If their environment is more humid, they are likely to collect mold; if less, their wrappers may crack. The humidification elements that come with most humidors almost never provide a consistent environment, because they dry out quickly between refills. One exception is the Cigar Oasis XL, which maintains perfect humidity for months on a single refill. When humidity drops below 70 percent, the device’s internal fan activates automatically to spread moisture from a small tank holding distilled water. The XL, which you can plug into an outlet or power with a battery, will fit inside almost any humidor. ($119) www.cigaroasis.com

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