FrontRunners: Select Smoke

Dominican puros—cigars made entirely from Dominican tobacco—are rare, but their ranks include such outstanding smokes as the Fuente Fuente Opus X and the Davidoff Puro Dominicana. To this elite group, Arganese Cigars has begun contributing the Arganese Uno, a 6 x 60 behemoth composed of perfectly aged tobaccos that together produce an extraordinarily rich taste. Subtle peppery overtones complement a barely perceptible infusion of Cognac, yielding a flavor that is complex enough to fascinate veteran smokers but mild enough for the less experienced to enjoy. Each Arganese Uno comes in an individual cedar box, painted in black with dramatic silver stenciling, which makes even a single stick an impressive gift. The sturdy box is also perfect for traveling. A full box of Unos contains five separately boxed cigars. ($80 for five) www.arganesecigars.com

Prometheus International’s black crystal Albatros ashtray holds a single cigar, making it an excellent accessory for a private smoking nook. But it also will lend considerable style to any end table. Prometheus also offers a clear version of the ashtray. ($195 for black crystal, $150 for clear) www.prometheuskkp.com


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