FrontRunners: Select Smoke

La Gloria Cubana Reserva Figurado

La Gloria Cubana stayed the cylindrical course during the figurado renaissance of the 1990s, but late last year the company introduced a tapered-style smoke, the Reserva Figurado, that proves to be well worth the wait. The cigar’s Ecuadoran Sumatra wrapper, Nicaraguan binder, and Dominican/Nicaraguan filler are aged for three months in cedar bins to lend a subtle spiciness to its flavor. Only two torcedores roll the new cigars, and they will produce only 40,000 examples in two sizes. The 7-inch, 54-ring-size Selectos de Lujos is the larger of the two; we found its medium-bodied, sophisticated flavor as welcome at 8 am as it is at midnight. ($7.50 each) www.cigarworld.com

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