FrontRunners: A Wine Lover’s Roman Holiday

After attending the variety of classes offered at the Rome Cavalieri Hilton’s In Vino Veritas wine-tasting program (+39.06.3509.2031, www.cavalieri-hilton.it), you can expect to determine if, as the ancient Romans believed, the truth is indeed in the wine. The series of three-day tastings, organized in conjunction with the Italian Sommelier Association, run through December 27. The classes range from studies of the Italian wine-producing regions to guidance in the proper marriages of cigars and spirits. Beginners may sample the Italian grappas and grape brandies, served with chocolates and other sweets, while the seasoned oenophile can compare different vintages of great wines from around the world.

The Cavalieri Hilton, set on 15 acres of Mediterranean gardens overlooking Rome, stores more than 48,000 bottles of wine. More impressive than the collection is the cellar in which it is kept, a stone-encased structure with a glass floor/ceiling dividing two stories of racks. Private visits to the wine cellar can be arranged.

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