Fût de Chêne MV ROSÉ: Craftsmanship and Luxury Again Become Synonymous with Champagne

The Ateliers of  Champagne Henri Giraud are pleased to announce the birth of an exceptional rosé Champagne cuvée: Fût de Chêne MV ROSÉ. Its name evokes the cuvée MultiVintage Henri Giraud whose extraordinary success in 2013 makes it now probably the finest “non-vintage” cuvée in Champagne. With an heart made of Pinot Noir AY Grand cru, bottled in September 2006 after a slow maturation in casks made from oak originating in the Argonne forest, this is a genuine Vin de Champagne, which reflects the history of its true origins.

2005 was an excellent year for producing a red wine from the old Pinot vines of the Giraud family. Therefore, the cellar master, Sébastien Le Golvet, and Claude Giraud got the idea to blend the equivalent of 4.000 bottles of MultiVintage with a cask of AOC Red AY Grand cru: Fût de Chêne MV ROSÉ was born. It is a Champagne that has preserved the memory of this time when great families built the history of Champagne on the genius of its people and its wines.

Finally, Craftsmanship and Luxury become again syonymous with Champagne. The “Partridge eye” color enhances a natural allure of mature wine, and the chalk notes typical from AY blend subtly with red fruit and mandarin orange notes. Its salinity and elegant bitterness evoke a Grand Vin deChampagne, while a little hint of smoked meat gives it a distinctive character, unrivaled in the Champagne region. Reflecting both land and sea, this exceptional cuvée had to be adorned with an elegant jewel: an agrafe* in pink gold engraved like an eternity ring in the Ateliers of Henri Giraud.

On February 14th, on Valentine’s Day, the first bottles of Fût de Chêne MV ROSÉ have a date with the lovers of intense emotions ready to get the moon; They will be served — after transportation via drone — at 2,200 meters altitude, as world premiere at the highest Champagne bar in the world, in Les Ruinettes-Verbier in Switzerland.


*Agrafe is an old closing system for the bottling on cork and aging in cellars.

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