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From Kenyan Gin to Indian Whisky: 11 Outstanding Spirits From Around the World

Add a little wanderlust to your holiday imbibing.

11 Spirits for Robb Report Host's Guide 2022 Photos: Will Anderson/Stamps: Armando Godinez

No matter where you go in this great, big world, there’s some form of local, indigenous alcoholic beverage to try, for those so inclined. It’s not just about boozing it up, though–each specific spirit tells a unique story about the place it was produced through regional flavors, ingredients, production methods and the history and people behind each bottle. And while we all know about the backstories of gin in England, bourbon in Kentucky and rum in the Caribbean, there are fantastic spirits being made the world over that you may be less familiar with. So here are 11 from around the globe that offer a gustatory postcard from a specific locale, ranging from whiskey to brandy to gin to shochu.

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