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7 Prohibition-Era Cocktails Delicious Enough to Serve at Your 2021 Holiday Party

These 1920s favorites fueled the boom of speakeasies. We give them an upgrade for the 2020s.

Mary Pickford Cocktail Chelsie Craig

The cops couldn’t get rid of the speakeasies, and, as it turns out, legalization couldn’t either. We just can’t help ourselves. The cocktail industry, and indeed the cocktail drinking public, have been reliving the 1920s through the era’s “secret” bars for almost two dozen years. There’s something quietly exciting about them: the hidden entrances, the dim lights, the renewed focus on quality ingredients and excellent cocktails.

They feel like a passageway to the past. But for all the twisty mustachios and suspenders, there was one thing missing from the Roaring ’20s revival: the roar. Having just put the Great War and the Spanish flu behind them, the whole 1920s world seemed to dress up and hit the town, Prohibition be damned. Now, 100 years later, and after more than a year of being cooped up, we’d love for ebullience to once again be the flavor of the day.

With that in mind, we’re highlighting cocktails that reflect that irrepressible era. Some of these are still front of mind, some have faded from memory, but all evoke a bygone time that seems nonetheless strangely present. All parties this year and next are Roaring ’20s parties, whether explicitly or not. Have a cocktail to match.

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