Godiva’s Chocolate and Raspberry kissed Vodka

There’s a certain sophistication inherent in pairing chocolate with vodka martinis. Some restaurants feature both on Valentine’s Day, paying homage to chocolate’s alleged aphrodisiac virtues. And many a cocktail lounge takes pride in their chocolate martini specialties, which can be as simple as a Hershey’s Kiss garnish, or more complicated concoctions involving coating the inside of a glass with chocolate syrup or adding crème de cacao. But all that seems passé with the introduction of Godiva’s Chocolate Infused Vodka ($29.99). And as might be expected from one of the world’s most elegant expressions of chocolate craftsmanship, this isn’t a mundane “flavored” vodka.

Under the supervision of Thierry Muret, Godiva’s master chocolatier, an ultra-premium grain vodka is distilled five times in order to achieve a crisp, clean smoothness worthy of the signature creaminess of Godiva chocolates. Then, hand-selected premium Godiva dark chocolates are carefully infused into the vodka, actually becoming a part of the spirit. The result is a truffle-like richness that permeates the vodka, which is best served chilled and straight up. And for those who are addicted to Godiva’s Chocolate Raspberry Truffles, there is Godiva Chocolate Raspberry Infused Vodka ($29.99), with the same mouthwatering richness. Serve this one on the rocks with a raspberry dropped in at the last minute, for the ultimate in liquid desserts. (www.godiva.com)


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