Gosling’s Family Reserve Old Rum

Photo by Cordero Studios/corderdostudios.com

Also known as Gosling’s Old Rum, the Gosling family’s oldest and rarest Bermuda blend is a big, dark, full-bodied sipping libation. “Our Family Reserve is a very limited release, but worth the search,” says Malcolm Gosling, a seventh-generation member of the rum-making family. Its recipe is similar to that of Gosling’s famous Black Seal Rum (Bermuda’s biggest export), but Old Rum is aged longer—between 16 and 19 years—in charred-oak barrels once used for bourbon. Hand-labeled, cork-topped, then hand-sealed with black wax and individually numbered, each bottle is brimming with velvety molasses, caramel, cedar, plum, and a whiff of smoke.

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